Sword of Hope II



Dear Diary,

Yesterday Theo and I were attacked by a TOGE BLP. His appearance suggested spiked poo, but he spoke with the most delightful British accent. However, once he attacked I ceased to find him appealing at all, so I brought down the fire of heaven upon his spiked poo head. He smelled like burnt poo too.



Sword of Hope II

Game Boy – 1996 (NA) – Kemco

Released four years after it came out in Japan, Sword of Hope II is the sequel to the 1989 original. You play as Theo, who along with a rotating cast of characters must retrieve the stolen Sword of Hope before the evil dragon it was imprisoning awakes. It’s a fairly good RPG if you can get around the odd controls and is available on the 3DS virtual console (though the original is not). The TOGE BLP, the CN STAR, and the LETHR armor are all because of a character limitation in the games code.

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