Akalabeth: World of Doom




Adventurer’s Log, Life 5: It’s been a long day. First I died by running out of food…on my first step. Then I was killed by a rat, a skeleton, and another rat. Now here I am. This orc has brought me what must be a flower of peace. Wait. No, that’s an axe. Now I’m dead again. Stupid line art.


Akalabeth: World of Doom

PC – 1979ish – Richard Garriott (Yes, that Richard Garriott)

Lord British’s first computer game started as a school project for the Apple II. It quickly caught on at a local computer shop, then with a publisher, and made the young Garriot a lot of money. Inspired by D&D and Tolkien, Akalabeth is both one of the earliest RPG games, as well as a word I cannot say or type properly. Ever. Akalababalalabeth is also the precursor of the Ultima series that brought Garriot much more nerd fame and money.

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