The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 1 – Fables and Fiends


I have now spent so long in these caves that I do not remember the light of the sun. I have eaten 90,210 fireberries. I do not know my name. I do not know which way to go. Make it end.  MAKE IT END!

Walks into a dark room.

It ends. 

Loads save. Again.

The Legend of Kyrandia

1992 – DOS/Amiga – Westwood Studios

Good: Kyrandia takes a step away from the other point and click adventures of the day and uses a simplified single pointer for all actions. Instead of the usual Eye, Mouth, Hand, Pinky Toe rotation, a single click was used and the context supplied the particulars. I found this worked well in most cases, and liked not having to cycle through cursors.

The story, while nothing groundbreaking, is enjoyable. The characters are rote, but still charming.

The inventory system allows you to drop items anywhere on the screen, staying there until you come back for them. It’s necessary for the puzzle design, but also feels different than the more linear handling of other titles.

Bad: My God, Jim, it’s full of the same Dang Room repeated a million times! The laborynthian nightmare did me in for a true enjoyment of this game. I spent two nights trying to get through the thing before finally resorting to a map from the strategy guide, only to find out that the whole thing was because I’d missed going down a single path to get the last. This was representative of the sometimes insanely obtuseness of the puzzles. I’d recommend keeping a guide handy as you go through this and feel free to look into just what the heck they are wanting from you before you lose your sanity.

Tids and Bits: The series was originally called “Fables with Friends” with “The Legend of Kyrandia” being the subtitle for Book 1. In later copies the name fluctuated until they settles on the current title.

Westwood Studios was closed by EA in 2003, but until then was more famous for their Command and Conquer RTS games, and before that the Dune (and I think the original) RTS. They had quite a string of RPG and Adventure games in the early 90s, including Eye of the Beholder, the Kyrandia titles, and Lands of Lore.


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