What is retro/classic gaming?

Retro gaming are the games that bring a smile to your face when you think about how you spent hours on a boss as a child. Retro games are the games that make you cringe with how terrible the game UI is compared to modern games. Retro games are the ones that you play and think, “Hmmm… this seems familiar.” because countless other games have taken that idea and built on it for the last 30 years.

Seriously, what is retro gaming?

What’s that you say? My philosophical rambling makes no sense? You are Vulcan devoid of emotion and need a logical explanation? Well, in that case, a Retro Game is currently defined by this website as anything from the GameCube/PS3/XBox era and before on consoles, and any PC or Arcade game from the same period or earlier. There, you heartless Vulcan.